Trainer, Michelle Edwards, takes horses in each summer for training. She works with young horses (2.5 and older), giving them a good feeling about being under saddle, and also enjoys working with older horses – teaching ground manners, restarting or working on refinement under saddle.

Rates for training range from $600 – $950/month.


Michelle discusses goals with each owner for their horse during training, but essentially, Michelle will work on what your horse presents each day and progress will be dictated by what is mentally/physically best for your horse in the long run.

Owner Involvement

Owners are encouraged to watch and partake in multiple sessions each month. At a minimum, owners must take part in two sessions/month to ensure that they understand how to continue on with their horse's progress.

Fable, Pony, 7 years

Michelle worked with Fable over the course of a couple months, starting him under saddle and taking him for his first rides outside the arena.

Fiddle, Saddlebred, 14 years

Michelle worked with Fiddle on and off over the course of two years. He needed help feeling secure away from his equine buddy and in the presence of humans. With some support from his rider, he ended up being a calm, confident horse that was a pleasure to ride at and away from the barn.